Who We Are

We are the Aboriginal Elders of Tasmania. The Aboriginal Elders Council of Tasmania was formed in 1994. Our purpose is to let people know who we are, what we do, to also pass on the knowledge we have learnt from our elders to the younger generation so they in turn can pass it on to their children.

This is our centre in Launceston. Our offices, kitchen and meeting rooms coonect to this great hall for big gatherings.

The group of Elders was also formed to fight to maintain our dignity and to promote Aboriginal Culture, to promote an understanding of the needs of Aboriginal Elders in relation to health and living needs, and develop and implement strategies to achieve this.We strive to act in such a manner that the dignity of the Aboriginal Elders is always foremost and assist Tasmanian Aboriginal Elders to meet together, to maintain our unity and cultural links.

Sharing food is a big part of our lives together - and what fabulous food!

The office phone runs hot

Come and get some tucker!

Dorothy shares her cultural heritage with a member of the Ainu people of Hokkaido, Japan.