Through Our Eyes

The Through Our Eyes project is made up of 7 quilts, made by members of the Aboriginal Elders Council.

The quilts express vivid mental images from three Tasmanian Aboriginal Elders, Dorothy Murray, Gloria Templar and Nola Hooper, who with the help of Suzanne MacDonald a well known quilter and textile artist the seven quilts. Each quilt tells a storey of the Elders memories of their, communal and cultural relationship and birth place Cape Barren Island. These stories reveal the images as recalled by Dorothy, Gloria and Nola, reflecting their Aboriginal heritage as a part of growing up on the island.

Quilt images: The Fires, Cultural Food, Shell Gathering, Island Music, Mutton Birding, My Family and Cenotaph - all form a story of our community and culture.

Dorothy Murray speaking at the opening of the quilt show