Mutton birding

There are no mutton birds on Cape Barren island, however at the beginning of march every years all the families would pack up and go off the Babel, Big Dog, Little Dog, Green and Chapel for the mutton bird season.

This was an exciting time as the people would be catching up with each other and we could not wait for a feed of our cultural food the mutton bird. The kids would also run around the beaches.

It was also a busy time as the adults would be getting the sheds ready for the season.

The 27th of march is the first working day of the season. We would work from sun up until sun down six days a week until the season end. Although mutton birding is a hard and dirty activity, we all enjoyed the social and communal togetherness which was and still is a very important part of the season.

At the end of April our families would say goodbye for another year and would return to cape barren island and flinders island with a supply of barrels of part of their 12 months food supply.